Training the next generation of physicians is an important step in ensuring that all Canadians have timely access to quality health care. In our clinic we will often host medical students and resident physicians as part of their medical training. It will always be your choice whether to have a learner involved in your care, however we do encourage all of our patients to become part of this important process - we want the best doctors who have lots of experience to take care of us in the future!

Medical students have entered their medical career, but are not yet fully trained. Medical students may see you for part, or all, of your visit in conjunction with your physician. They may ask you questions about your medical problem and history, and may practice some of their new skills to examine you.

Resident physicians have graduated from medical school and are pursuing their specialty training in Family Medicine. At Crossroads we host one resident for most of their Family Medicine experience for each of the two years they are in training at Dalhousie University, so you may get to know our residents well during their time here – usually a few months of each year. (Most residents in our clinic will be training to become new family doctors.) Resident physicians can see you for your problem, can suggest a course of treatment, order tests and prescribe medications. They will be supervised by a preceptor physician, who is available on-site if they are uncertain or have questions. You may not need to see your own physician if you have had a visit with a resident, however rest assured that the supervising doctor is aware of everything that is relevant to that visit.

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