Appointment length - In general, all appointments are booked for a single fifteen minute time slot. Certain types of visits will require a slightly longer appointment, including well baby visits with immunizations, well woman exams and surgical procedures.

Reason for Visit – Our reception staff will ask this question to ensure that you are booked at the appropriate time and for the appropriate appointment length.

Missed appointments/ cancellations without adequate notice – It is important that we know to cancel your appointment if you cannot attend, as other patients would then have an opportunity to be seen. We prefer 24 hours notice if possible, however we recognize this is not always possible – please discuss with our receptionist about whether there will be a charge. Missed appointments or inadequate notice will garner a $32 charge per 15 minute appointment for daytime appointments and a $40 charge per 15 minute appointment in the evenings or on weekends.

Refill Prescriptions – For patients who are on long-term medications, your doctor will want to see you periodically to monitor the medication effect, even if you have been taking that medication for a long time. It is important to make sure that you have your prescriptions refilled with enough medicine to see you through until your next visit. If a doctor must write a prescription away from your visit, there will be a $15 fee charged. Certain prescriptions will not be refilled without first seeing your doc.

(Confidentiality – We adhere to a strict privacy policy – please refer to our privacy documents elsewhere on this website.)

Recalls – If the doctor wishes to discuss any test results with you, we will contact you to book an appointment. Even if you have an appointment already scheduled, you will hear from us to ensure that you know that your doctor wishes to see you. Doctors give the staff instructions about the time frame in which it is necessary to be seen. Often the call to come back comes soon after you have had the test – do not be alarmed, this is the result of our (new) electronic medical record being so efficient (much more efficient than the old paper based system). Results are not given out over the telephone. Please remember that our staff are not permitted or qualified to discuss your results with you.

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Please bring your medications with you when you visit.

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