Administrative Team

Our administrative team, headed by Office Manager Jennifer MacIsaac, are comprised of a local mix, sprinkled with a blend of those from away; quite literally, we serve you from coast to coast. Strong customer service and administrative backgrounds combined with an array of humour, we hope will make your dealings with our practice as pleasant as possible.

Our key foundation is 'how can we make this right for our patient today'. We will do our utmost to provide our patients with the service or information they are seeking and if we can't, our team is committed to offering alternatives in order to ensure we have helped in some way towards solving your issue.

When patients call, we often hear that it sounds like a party in the background. Laughter does reduce stress. A key daily component for our administrative team is lots of laughter. While we take your visit and care very seriously, you will often hear laughter from behind the window and down the hall as we work our way through the day. We hope you share in the laughter with us. We look forward to getting to know our patients and taking the upmost care in the administrative aspects of your visit.

How can we make it right for you today?

Friendly office staff.

Respect and Courtesy

Patient being examined.


Our duty clinic is open Monday to Saturday.

Contact our booking line for more information: (902)826-9096.

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