Fee Guide for Services Not Covered by MSI

Government Forms (variable fee) $25.00 - $150.00
Immunization Record/Record of Appointments $15.00
Insurance Forms $40.00+
Medicals for Driver’s License $50.00
Missed Appointment* $32.00
Missed Appointment – Evening/Weekend* $40.00
Out-of-Country/Province Non-Insured Visit $50.00
Photocopies/Long Distance Phone/Fax $15.00+
Prescriptions Requested by Phone $15.00
Minor Excisions for Cosmetic Reasons $75.00+
Removal of Wax from Ear $30.00
School Forms $20.00
Sutures/Wound Care Supplies $20.00
Transfer of Medical Records Determined Individually (paid prior to transfer)
Uninsured Vaccinations $35.00

* Missed well-baby and well-woman (pap) appointments are DOUBLE the noted price for the applicable time period (double appointment time).

All prices are subject to change. Please confirm cost with your physician.

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