Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to tell the receptionist the reason for booking an appointment?

Staff will ask you the reason for your visit every time you book an appointment. This is to assist your physician in being prepared for your visit; it ensures you are being booked at a time that your concern can be adequately dealt with, and pre-appointment preparation can be in place. If you wish not to share the reason for visit please tell staff it is personal, be aware that you will be booked as a regular 15 minute office visit.

Do I need to book more than one appointment if multiple family members need to see the doctor?

Please book appointments for all those who need to see the doctor. Time is allotted to deal with one patient at a time. If multiple family members need to see the doctor please ensure each person is scheduled with their own appointment.

Is my information confidential?

Your medical information is confidential and will not be shared with others unless you have given prior written consent. Your doctor will not discuss the medical information of other family members. Please refer to our privacy policy.

Will you notify me of specialist/medical testing appointments?

We will notify you when the referred office confirms a date for your specialist/testing appointment. You will be left a message to call our office in regards to a specialist appointment. We will not leave appointment details on answering machines or with family members, unless directed to do so by yourself and noted in your chart. Once you receive appointment details you will not receive further reminder calls.

I have multiple medical issues. Do I need to book more than one appointment?

In the best interest of your health and in consideration of both your doctor’s schedule and fellow patients, please book medical appointments as concerns arise. The time allotted for each visit is sufficient to adequately cover a single issue. Office staff cannot book extra time to cover multiple issues, nor can they book you two appointments in one day. If you have several issues your doctor will address that of most concern and may ask you to rebook an appointment to cover additional items, to ensure adequate care and consideration of each concern.

Will I be billed for missed or cancelled appointments?

Patients will be billed for missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

How will I recieve my medical results?

You are welcome to book an appointment with your doctor to review results of medical testing. Patients can expect a phone call if results are abnormal or require additional follow up. Patients will not be notified of normal results.

How do I manage my prescription refills?

Health insurance does not cover the cost of prescription refills if you have not seen a physician. All requests for call in or pick up prescription are subject to a $15 charge. We strongly discourage these requests. Book appointments for medication refills 1-2 weeks in advance of your prescription running out. Your doctor has written your prescription to expire at the time in which they wish to re-evaluate how the medication is working for you.
However, extenuating circumstances arise, in such instances you do have options:
Please remember to bring your medicines with you when you visit.

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